Contributing to their host community by helping discover the next Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Seun Osewa, etc, the ICT/Educational CDS group hosted a record first Hour of Code to held in Taraba State.

By Tolulope Olasoji ||

The ICT/Educational CDS group on Wednesday December 9th engaged several secondary school students at Yagai Academy, Jalingo for the global ICT elementary programming event Hour of Code in commemoration of the World Computer Science Week, 2015.

Hour of Code, introduced by Hadi Partovi in 2003 is aimed at bridging the huge gap between the consumers and developers of technologies through helping participants – majorly youngsters –  to gain first time programming experience by solving some problems with aid of the right programming instructions.


Blockly Games – one of the programming challenges


Students from 14 secondary schools in Jalingo were present at the event – the first of its kind in Taraba State – held at Yagai Academy. Amongst the schools were Laazeere Academy, Overcomers’ Academy and a host of others.

Speaking at the event was Mr. Nwankwo Caleb, CEO of Nocal Digital Solution Ltd helping to encourage and guide the students to pursue a successful career in ICT making references to the field’s world power forces both internationally and locally.

Caleb who also talked about how much of passion, persistence and hard work the students should apply to become the next big thing in computer science, in his words explained how he ended up in the field  despite being  “a Chemical Engineer by certificate” but his passion and hard work turned him into an “IT engineer and consultant professionally.”


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When asked about his view on computer programming in Taraba State by Tcblodge correspondents, he said, “I can’t say much with regards to Jalingo because it’s still very much backward compared to other states in the country.

“The low rate of development here (Taraba) is also not helping,” he added.

“A lot of time has been wasted; quite alright, but now we can still do a lot to bring this issue of programming and computer science into Taraba,” he concluded.

A student from the host school, Nasiru Bala whose future ambition is to become a Biochemist spoke on how his newly acquired knowledge can help him in that path. “It can assist by creating programmes that would enlighten others to learn more about Biochemistry,” he enthused.

Furthermore, the president of the ICT/Educational CDS Tosin Amuda who categorically stated that “everything – including law suits, medical diagnosis and treatment, and so on – would be done through the use of new computer system programs in the near future”, gave a summary of the great feat they were able to achieve at the debut HOC in the state.


A cross-section of the participants


“We taught kids to get things done on the computer, being able to write programs by moving some things from one point to the other using some set of instructions.”

“We taught kids to get things done on the computer, being able to write programs by moving some things from one point to the other using some set of instructions.”

Conclusively, Tosin called out to the state’s government and enthusiasts to help develop the state’s ICT level by providing more computer facilities to students.


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